Episode 34 of Three Men in a Podcast features our debut on the awesome Poop Culture Extended Universe podcast network, the hottest trending track on YouTube (from mid-February) and a brand new, Drake baiting, original rap song from the Three Men themselves! The Three Men play and discuss:

BlocBoy JB & Drake – Look Alive

Estas Tonne – The Song of the Golden Dragon

Pete Cannon and Dr Syntax ft Jman and Eva Lazarus – Weed and Ale

Gong – How to Stay Alive

Kutiman – Mix Tel Aviv

Iggy Pop – American Valhalla

G.O.M! – Sentimental Crap

PEOPLE’S CHOICE! – Open Strum and Rosa Laricchiuta – Lover’s Lane

Once again, thank you so much for stopping by; we love you all!

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