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Episode 3 of the Three Men in a Podcast show features live mutated folk tunes, a great obscure People’s Choice pick and some horrific ukulele-fuelled Noel Edmonds-based slander. The Three Men play and discuss:

Rash Decision – Dogsbody

Ganja White Night ft. Simon – Brains Escape

An Albatross – Neon Guru

Kaleo – No Good

Speelburg – Kline

Granville Sessions – Leave It

PEOPLE’S CHOICE! – Dikembe – Scottie Spliffen

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The next episode of Three Men in a Podcast will go live on Sunday July the 31st 2016! Follow us on Twitter @3meninapodcast to hit us with your People’s Choice picks, you could be the next Jamie Irving! Keep it foolish Threemeninites?