follow site Episode 14 of Three Men in a Podcast  is Part 3 of our Yeovil Music Scene Retrospective Special! The first two parts are available for free as Episode 10.

The opzioni digitali chi ci guadagna Three Men were born and raised in watch Yeovil, a small market town  in the heart of rural Somerset, England.  Surrounded by beautiful countryside it was, for the most part, a very boring place to grow up for teens that had no interest in cows, helicopters or glove making.

This led to vandalism and violence but also to an an extremely healthy and diverse, not to mention unlikely, live music scene that flourished from the nineties to the noughties. In this annuario del trading online italiano special episode we play rare tracks from local bands and bands that played follow site Yeovil regularly as well as some of the big headline acts that somehow passed through our little town.

source site Part 3 features our first ever live guest get link Joe Tanner who created, owned and ran Hopeless Studios, played drums for local bands Forgotten Enemy, The Marginal, Goatorcycle, Violent Basket (and many more) and co-ran the live music promotion company Swingthing Promotions.

In this part of the special episode, the Three Men play and discuss (in no particular order and amongst many others):


April Dead


Reel Big Fish


My Name Is Ian

Lamb Quartet

The Aquabats

Seven & Thirteen


Adequate Seven

Lords of the Southern Priest

Winnebago Deal

Once again, thank you so much for stopping by; we love you all! This time though we would particularly like to thank members of the Yeovil Music Scene ’98-’08 Appreciation Group on Facebook, Unit 16, Advance Promotions, Human Fly Promotions (and anybody else that put on shows) and all of the local bands and fans from Yeovil and the surrounding areas. You made the scene special and this episode is dedicated to you.

There are also links to the online presence of all the local bands we play and mention during the episode below. Please do explore them; there are some great videos and tracks to be found!

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Local Bands Link List

Tod Will Always Triumph (T.W.A.T)

Bok Choi

10$ Head$_Head/93854$_Head-id_bio-6251-l-en.html

Exit Wound

Violent Basket

Sharia Law/Goatorcycle

The Superfriends


Forgotten Enemy


The Cedar Falls


April Dead

The Whiskey River

Make Her Cry



The Magnificent/Animal Urges

Lords of the Southern Priest

Elliot Green



Ingo Star Cruiser

The Fluf/ King Tut’s Revenge

The Rigid Sky/A Dead Kid Named Desire

My Name Is Ian


Andy Fiction

Aura Sun

Ill Gotten

Flash Echo Fire

Sparks, Lights And Flames

Not Your Hero



The Marginal



Melancholy Moose Society


Hellbent Chainsaw

Burning Skies

Seven & Thirteen

 Dead Stereo/Mondai