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Three Men in a Podcast – Episode 60

Episode 60 of Three Men in a Podcast is a Three Men Festival Special! It’s our third anniversary, our 60th episode and the end of an era! The Three Men are going to keep picking tunes until they drop in this two-part special episode and in part 1 they play and discuss:

Chalky ft Alicia Kiah – Sake

Stormzy – Vossi Bop

Gloria Estefan – Rhythm Is Gonna Get You

In Love With A Ghost – The Land of the Giant Flying Beast

Dance With The Dead – Diabolic

Trivium – Dying In Your Arms

Blink 182 ft Lil Wayne – What’s My Age Again?

Bob Mould – Sunshine Rock

Queens of the Stone Age – Tension Head

A Tribe Called Quest – Vibes and Stuff

slowthai ft Mura Masa – Doorman

Unearth – My Heart Bleeds No Longer

The Fall of Troy – Sledgehammer

Once again, thank you so much for stopping by; we love you all!

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Three Men in a Podcast – Episode 2!

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Episode 2 of the Three Men in a Podcast show is now live and direct! This month’s episode features songs about caterpillars, impressions of Boris Johnson and a little shared catharsis. The Three Men play and discuss:

Clutch – Sucker for the Witch

Atmosphere – Sunshine

Belvedere – Hairline

Small Town Echoes – Burns Like Lino

The Fall of Troy – Inside Out

Snoop Dogg ft Wiz Khalifa – Kush Ups

The Inaugural PEOPLE’S CHOICE! – Collective Soul – Simple

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